Got off to a bad start. I didn't like being told that my ideas were "***" by a Simon Macbeth, Design Manager. But, I stayed with it and heard him out. He took time to understand and ideas and then patiently explained why I'd waste money. Need to admit that he was...
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I would NOT touch this lot with a bargepole! I made an enquiry regarding SEO for my site and receive the following response from Simon Macbeth Design Manager, 121 Web Design: Hi Timothy, This is why your site is so naff - you have spent years working with *** men and...
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Agree with this. I've used seo companies that bull *** and take your money. If he were honest stop complaining. Simon Macbeth saved my thousands.

Jack Robertson

Seems they are right tho. Customers are often very arrogant and refuse to listen. Better to work with somebody honest who tells you how it is, rather than nearly all SEOs who ...

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